Distant Healing

Experience Distant Healing.

How a distant healing session works.
Primarily Donna and the client speak to determine what the clients needs are this is usally done in an in-take telephone session, it can also be done over skype. Once all the information is collected a protocol is prepared for the client based upon their requirements. A session is then scheduled. Sometimes more than one session is necessary due to the condition of the client.  Most sessions last about a half an hour. 
Donna has been doing distant healing for over 6 years now with excellent results.
She will work with you regarding payment.  Typical payment is $40.00 for a half hour session which can be paid via PayPal. 

Do not understimate the power of distant healing. It is a very effective and efficient way of assisting an individual who may not be able to travel or where there is a distance challenge. 

Email Donna at SERDONNA@AOL.COM or Call Donna now at 908 656 4375  or 908 688 7974 if you are interested in learning more about distant healing and how it works!


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