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Are you looking for a healthier, happier, less stressful life? Are you looking for a few moments just for yourself and inner peace?  If you answered yes…


Join us in our Meditation Challenge
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The goal is to virtually gather for 30 consecutive days at the same time with the nursing community to focus on all nurses and health care professionals who expand the definition of their role and duty of care by bringing LOVE to their work. Nurses who are committed to having a positive effect on the well being of others.
We will be practicing a Loving Kindness meditation called Twin Hearts to: 
. Reduce stress so we can find inner peace, joy, and well-being.
. Jump-start your day with higher ENERGY levels.
. Bless your life, love ones, and workplace with harmony, cooperation, and caring.

We will be there for you… to answer your questions, to guide you, to help you every step of the way…

What is the Meditation on Twin Hearts?

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is, a loving kindness meditation (LKM), practiced in more than hundred countries around the world, and developed by Master Choa Kok Sui the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

It doesn’t matter if you are a long time meditator or you have never tried it before. This is a simple, short, guided, easy to learn, but powerful meditation that will transform your life.

Did you know? That according to Master Choa Kok Sui, seven people doing Meditation on Twin Hearts together can generate energy equal to 100 people doing it alone. Meditation on Twin Hearts groups can and will make a big difference as we are beings of light, love, and power.  This means that we as a group will be generating the energy of hundreds of people meditating alone.  Are you up to the challenge? Let’s just do it…

While most others are sleeping and your world is at its quietest … you can be ready to start your day feeling CENTERED and AT PEACE…If it is the end of your shift … then you can end it settling into a PEACEFUL LOVING SPACE Either way it works!

Still not convinced? There is a lot more…Practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts has benefits on a physiological, Psychological, Sociological and psycho-spiritual level.  Here some of the benefits of practicing the meditation on twin hearts regularly:

Physiological Benefits:

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts showed measurable changes on the pattern of electrical activity through the brain by electroencephalograph (EEG). Comparing EEG studies before and after meditation, there was a dramatic transition from beta waves to alpha waves and delta-theta waves in 14 meditators and non-meditators
  • There was an observable increase in brain synchrony (alpha-delta-tetha waves) between the two hemispheres of the brain after the Meditation on Twin Hearts. There was synchronization of brain waves initially between the same hemisphere and followed by synchrony between the frontal, middle and rear portions of the brain.
  • There was decrease in heart rate and respiratory rate after meditation on twin hearts
  • A positive relationship of skin conductance with the Meditation was observed in all subjects
  • The meditation on twin hearts was found to show a dramatic muscle potential measurements through electromyogram (EMG) of the scalene and extensor muscles of the arms
  • There was significant increase in plasma melatonin an serum serotonin following Meditation on Twin Hearts in a pilot study of 17 subjects and a follow-up study of 35 subjects

Psychological Benefits

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts is being used as a meditation tool for stress relief in Stress Management Programs
  • There is a noticeable relaxation of the body, calming of the emotions and stillness of the mind
  • Regular practice of Meditation of Twin Hearts include increasing contentment, happiness, inner peace and joy in life
  • There was improved and enhancement of relationships with spouses, family members and co-workers
  • Complete cessation of drug abuse following Meditation on Twin Hearts has been reported
  • In conjunction with pranic healing, meditation on twin hearts has also shown increased academic performance, athletic skills, behavioral functioning, improved memory and overall school and job performance

Sociological Benefits

  • Some sociological benefits include improved self-confidence, reduced anxiety, improved family life, improved relationships at home and work, increased tolerance, improved job performance, and increased job satisfaction.

Psycho-spiritual Benefits

  • Meditation on Twin Hearts opens the awareness to the infinite reservoir of energy, creativity, and intelligence that lies deep within everyone
  • The meditation relaxes the body, calms the emotions and stills the mind
  • Regular practitioners of the Meditation of Twin Hearts attain inner happiness, inner peace and fulfillment
  • Meditation on Twin Hearts can achieve illumination and profound expansion of consciousness
  • Spiritual aspirants who practice this meditation regularly may experience envelopment of dazzling, even blinding light. Practitioners may also experience divine ecstasy and bliss, and a feeling of oneness with all creation
  • Regular practitioners of Meditation on Twin Hearts have increased sizes of chakras and auras making the energy body stronger and more dynamic.
  • After practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts, pranic healers were noted to heal patients quicker than before and with amazing results.
  • As a result of practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts, one becomes more intelligent and develops increased intuitive abilities.


Join us in our Meditation Challenge
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Who Should Not Practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts:
Persons below 16 years old - Patients with severe heart ailment, hypertension or glaucoma - Pregnant women should not do this intensely or frequently - Heavy smokers - Heavy meat eaters (particularly pork) - Persons with excessive alcohol consumption or use of addictive and hallucinogenic drugs
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