Meditation on Twin Hearts

The meditation on Twin Heart was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and it is a simple yet very powerful meditation technique. This meditation is based on the Law of Consequences; this means that what we plant is what we harvest. The objective of the meditation is to become an instrument to bless mother earth with all the good things we need or want in life. For example: good health, inner peace, forgiveness, prosperity and happiness. During this meditation there is a tremendous downpour of energy which helps to clean and energize the aura and energy centers of the person meditating.

This is especially important to obtain clarity to assess your actual situation. A very propitious time to solve issues, to bless projects. The Meditation on Twin Hearts can be practiced on a daily basis. As your energy body gets cleaner with the practice of the meditation you will have more clarity of thoughts, clarity of emotions, and you will make better decisions. As you practice the meditation on a regular basis (1) it will give you the energy to make the changes you need, (2) you will be relief of stress which will translate in clarity of mind, (3) you will experience tremendous amount of loving energy which will help you improve your relationships, (4) overall your well-being will improve feeling healthier and happier.

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