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Pranic healing is a great tool for self care. It's great to know for self or anyone you care about.  It should be a an absolute must for any bodyworker. 
Donna has a heart of gold and is a tremendously gifted healer.
-Wendy Gross Pinto -
innovative creator of Soul Sweat Asana Yoga
Owner/Operator of the Yoga and Healing Center, Scotch Plains, NJ

Thank you Donna for your love and your remote Pranic Healing on my Dad. After your session, his blood pressure stabilized, he moved a bizillion toxins out of his body, and he started to feel more like himself. You are truly a gift and a joy to know and love. Thank you..Thank you...Thank you! 
- Ginny LaConte Caroselli - Visionary Leadership Coach

My experience with Donna's powerful pranic healing was one of being aware while connecting with the Divine.  I oftened felt extremely calm upon the completion of the healings which would last for weeks to come.
One time I left the healing session, went to a dental appointment following and remained in the same calm state throughout.
I highly recommend Donna's pranic healing services for anything, body, mind, spirit that may ail you.
I often use it for spiritual touch-ups too.
Deanna Trust -  Feng Shui practitioner and speaker

I am honored to personally know Donna Visco, and am blessed to call her my dearest friend. Donna has brought joy and laughter into my life. 
Donna is passionate about her work and has a genuine desire to assist others in their journey to achieve a peaceful, joyful and effortless life.  Donna has assisted me through some difficult challenges in my life.  She is so intuitive and so aware and assisted me to clear and to heal myself. She is a wonderful and loving person. Thank you my dear friend for all your help.
~ Maria Lettow, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Las Vegas Nevada

As an actress/Dancer
I've been in many high-end high-energy seminars.  Donna
Visco rank among the highest and best I've ever
Experienced.  True mastery is experienced and taught in a fun & peaceful environment calling everyone who comes into her midst to their highest and best.  My meditations have been transformed as a result of her course (and I've been meditating for the past 9 years) and so as a result, my life is being transformed.  Things I have struggled with in the past are becoming totally easy & effortless. I would recommend Donna Visco to anyone looking to tap into his or her own greatness. Experience it for yourself.  You can only WIN!
~ Pennie Diamond
Actress/Dancer/Wellness Coach

"Group Mentoring by Donna and Jennifer has given new life to our business.  We are more productive; more focused and have a lot more fun in our everyday activities.  The most important element they have assisted us with is to gain clarity about what shape we desire our business to take and how we can truly enjoy the process.  The practical advice they offer based on their own business experience has provided terrific insight and direction to us." 
"My Personal Mentoring sessions with Donna and Jennifer have assisted me in relaxing more, accepting what occurs everyday and finding the joy in "the little things".  I am more at ease with life and at the same time, so much more aware of what is happening around me in each moment.  I know I am on the right path for me, and I am truly grateful to both of them for their assistance!"
~ Sue Urda, Founder, Powerful You!

Testimonial from a participant of a program Donna Co-Created & Co Facilitated
Building Momentum is a life changing adventure.  We’ve all been to ‘quick
fix’ weekend workshops where we feel good but lose it all on Monday morning.  Here is real training for very profound development that builds over the course of 12 weeks, and continues building as your true spirit reveals itself.  It has dramatically enhanced the way I think about myself, my place in the world, and how I treat others.  Building Momentum is a gift of love to yourself, your family, and your community.  If you long to surrender to the fullness of your life, if you dare to embrace your real purpose for being here—you'll feel at home among these gifted facilitators.  And you’ll be rewarded with a rare sense of connection with yourself and the world.
~ Jill Wilson, Wife, Mother, Community Leader
Certified by Deepak Chopra Meditation Teacher/Perfect Health Teacher

I have had the privilege of working with Donna Visco for the last several
years. As her business consultant, she shined in her ability to take direction and apply it to produce her desired outcomes. What was so dynamic about this is the velocity in which she works. Her passion for helping people is evident in her work and life. She is by far one of the most loving, smart and caring professionals I have worked with.
She is an intuitive thinker who is very astute in recognizing opportunities
to support people in solving challenges. She has an innate ability to
understand people’s needs and go beyond their expectation in the ease of getting to the source of the issue. This, combined with her commitment to integrity has contributed to her success in serving her clients.
I completely recommend Donna Visco in any matter that will enhance the lives of people. This comes from not only what she does but who she is a person. I have no doubt she will get the result you desire.
~ Gary Kadi
NextLevel Business Development

What I can say about Donna would truly sum up how much she has inspired and guided me on my journey.  Words cannot express my gratitude.  Not only does she live what she teaches…she shows you how simple it can be and how to live the same way.  I am a completely different person because I have had the wonderful opportunity of having her as my mentor and friend.
~ Grisselle Halime
Participant of Building Momentum Program 

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to you for the past 3 months. To say that it has been miraculous for me is probably an understatement. I came in to the program with high hopes and expectations and a great deal of skepticism, and all I can say is that you have delivered exactly what you had promised and then some. I can say without hesitation that I am a new person and I truly feel that there are no limits to what I can achieve. I look at the world completely differently. My attitude is completely different. I no longer see myself as an angry underachiever. I now accept things as they are and I have complete trust and faith in the universe, the present moment, and most importantly myself. You have given me the tools I needed. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Building Momentum course or any course
given by Laura, Jennifer and Donna. They are awesome!”
~ Jeff Blum, Magical Songwriter

I just want to thank you DEEPLY for the special seminar "Let Your Spirit
Soar"........Wow, I could really feel the determination in the room as we
were letting go of all of the "stuff" that we no longer desire in our lives
and I could also feel the exhilaration and joy as we began to clear and create all of the things/people/circumstances that we desire in our future life.  What an energetic shift we all felt.  I had so much fun going through magazines and seeking out key words and photos for my "life board".
~ Ginny Caroselli

When we did the part about getting rid of the TRASH, I really feel I released something deep within me... Simply being able to vocalize it in such a safe and loving group is invaluable.  And what fun it was to make my Treasure Map/Dream Board.  I simply love looking at it, knowing that all put on it is already manifesting in my life... Look out world and.  Thank you, Donna! 
~ Sue Urda, Co-Founder Powerful You Woman’s Networking And Author.
Donna Visco offered a beautiful compliment to our most sacred event...her
Presence. She welcomed our participant’s each morning with deep, nurturing and expansive yoga sessions allowing them to begin the day from a place of stillness, openness and total awareness of self. One participant shared, 'I have been doing yoga for years and all I have to say is this woman needs to make her own video. If I could start every day like this, I would be a completely different person'. We certainly look forward to having Donna be an addition to any of our advanced retreats held in this area."
~ Skip Lackey Representative/Head Trainer for The Journey, USA
Journey Abundance Two-Day Retreat, November 2006, 2007,2008, & 2010
Florham Park, New Jersey

Carol Foster – Participant of Telecasts Donna Co Created and Facilitated
I have been looking for spirituality for many years and realized that is it
within oneself and not out there somewhere. I read many books and tried to go within to discover my spirit and had a hard time finding it. I then met Donna, Jennifer and Will Linvilles at a lecture in New Jersey and they put me in the right direction. After listening to them I became very aware of myself and the world around me. I joined conference calls led by Donna, Jennifer and Laura following the book “ The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” and found myself using their tools and learned how to go within and find what I need. I have Multiple Sclerosis, which I have been fighting physically for many years and now have been using their tools to help me spiritually. This has given me a better peace of mind and helped me physically. Donna also inspired me further to do Pancha Karma and Yoga and I went to a place where I learned how important Yoga is for me. 
Carol Farneti Foster
Producer, Editor and Researcher of
Independent Nature/Environmental Films

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